Hands & Feet:

In CALM slow beauty we work with Masglo, Shellac, FEDUA, Handmade Beauty, 1944 and Amokey, brands on we absolutely trust due to their quality and because, of course, they share our values: they are toxic-free and cruelty-free.

All our services in this section are available in a manicure and pedicure version, with the exception of the CBD-Elixir THERAPEUTIC PEDICURE, which is an exclusive treatment for feet.

The Japanese manicure (and its pedicure version) is an art that the aristocracy of the Japanese country has been using for more than 400 years. Although the technique was kept as a jealous secret for a long time, over the years it spread throughout the world and now we can take care of our nails with this ancient ritual.

Its main objective is to ensure the health of the nails: it allows repairing them, recovering the most brittle ones and nourishing, giving them back a healthy, natural and clean appearance.

What does it consist of? We start by filing the nails, then we clean the cuticles and finish with a cleaning with natural ingredients such as ginseng, rice milk and bamboo extract, which restore the nails to their natural shine.

Important: Both the Japanese manicure and pedicure are suitable for pregnant women, lactating women and men. You have to know that this treatment is not vegan, as it contains beeswax.

It is perfect for you if you want to relax while you benefit from its antiaging effects.

Hands: €29
Feet: €39

Do you want to show-off impeccable nails for 3 weeks? With the Russian manicure and pedicure it is possible. The key is to gently but very precisely and deeply clean the cuticles in order to apply the polish closer to them and hide the growth of the nails.

Also, if you want, in this service we can work on the leveling of the nails to achieve the perfect architecture that allows us to polish them impeccably.

Hands: €50
Feet: €55

A complete manicure or pedicure without polish to get your hands and feet ready. It is important that you know that this service does not include the removal of semi-permanent nail polish. If you have painted your nails with this type of polish and you want us to remove it, please select the COLOR-FREE MANICURE WITH REMOVAL service so that we can guarantee the full service. If you have recently had a manicure with our semi-permanent nail polish, the removal costs €4, but it is free if you get a complete semi-permanent manicure again.

The essential manicure or pedicure to show-off perfect hands consists of four steps: shape the nails, remove the cuticles, massage to deeply hydrate the hands, and polish with your favorite color.

Oh! If you want to forget about touch-ups and scratches and avoid losing shine, choose the semi-permanent ESSENTIAL CALM version.

Hands: €25
Feet: €35

The essential manicure or pedicure in a semi-permanent version consists of shaping the nails, removing the cuticles, moisturizing the hands and polishing so that you can forget about touch-ups and scratches for two weeks.

Hands: €35
Feet: €45

Sometimes our nails need more intense and specific care than a conventional manicure or pedicure. If your nails are damaged, cracked or delaminated, the IBX System treatment is the solution you were looking for.

In the first session, we will perform a manicure or pedicure that we will complement with the strengthening treatment. This contains avocado and jojoba oils that harden the nail bed and stimulate the generation of keratin, essential to restore strength and flexibility to your nails.

After the first session (between 2 and 3 more sessions* are necessary to guarantee the recovery of the nails), it is no longer necessary to perform additionally a manicure or pedicure if you don’t want to.

*The price of the following sessions is €12 per session. In those it is not necessary to perform the manicure and/or pedicure without color, it is only mandatory in the first session of the treatment.

Hands: €37
Feet: €47

Gentleman is for men who also want to take care of themselves. We start with deep cleaning and hydration, then we remove excess cuticle, recover the natural shine of the nail and… we round off the treatment with a relaxing massage.

Hands: €25
Feet: €35

We love that your little ones joining you to came to CALM slow beauty and want to show-off nails as pretty as mom’s. Our trusted signature HANDMADE Beauty is perfect for them and is also vegan and suitable for coeliacs and people with allergies.

By Famous names

More than a manicure or pedicure, this treatment is a true ritual. We start by immersing your hands or feet in a bath that cleanses, deodorizes and hydrates the skin. Then, we pulverize the cuticles and calluses and gently exfoliate with salt, sugar and pumice stone. The final touch is a massage with our allantoin and urea luxury lotion, which leaves skin silky and smells wonderful.

Faithful to our philosophy, for this treatment we use 100% vegan natural ingredients, without parabens or silicones, and that come from sustainable sources.

If at the end you want to add a touch of color to your nails, you can add this service for a supplement of €10.

Hands: €35
Feet: €45

The feet are the base of our body and sometimes support many loads and stresses. To relieve and relax them, the CBD Elixir therapeutic pedicure is perfect because it works the lymphatic system to release toxins, the circulatory system to optimize blood return, and the muscular system to reduce accumulated tension. But this is not all: in addition to getting your feet ready, you will enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage.

The CBD we use is hemp oil with Cannabidiol, which contains 4% CBD (38.5 mg/ml.). Among its multiple effects, it reduces inflammation and soothes muscles and joints, and it is also rich in antioxidants, antibacterial and contains vitamins A and B.

Price: Starting from €55

Polish removal

— If you choose a complete manicure or pedicure service with semi-permanent nail polish and you repeat with us the same service again, the removal of the nail polish is free of charge.
— In the case that you select other manicure service with lower rate, the removal service will have a supplement of €4.
— If you do not want any hand and foot service, but you want us to remove your polish, the price of the service will be €11.
— If you have requested a manicure and/or pedicure service, and you have semi-permanent nail polish from another saloon, a supplement of €11 per service will be added.

*Important: the supplements for the removal of semi-permanent nail polish are per service.