Eyebrows and eyelashes

Do you want to show-off longer and thicker eyelashes without the need to use mask? With this treatment, we will raise your natural eyelashes from the roots and then we will tint them and will be perfect from the moment you wake-up until the end of the day.

What does the treatment include?

Definition, lifting of the eyelashes and a vitamin treatment (plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free) that will allow us to strengthen them. Finally, we will give them the color that you want to get a more intense and deeper look.

Who can get an eyelash lift?

Anyone can have this eye lifting, but if you have or have had any allergies, sensitive eyelashes or eye sickness, we recommend that you talk to your doctor beforehand. Of course, keep in mind that for this treatment it is important that you do not wear contact lenses.

How long does the treatment last?

You will be in the cabin for around 60 minutes with an esthetician expert who will follow the firm’s protocol, but don’t worry: the lifting is applied with your eyes closed, so it’s a perfect opportunity to relax and, if you want, even have a dream.

How long does the result of the lifting last?

The result lasts between six and eight weeks, depending on the type of eyelashes. Then, you can repeat it whenever you want without risk of deteriorating them. We recommend that you use the UKLASH conditioning serum, which contains vitamin ingredients that provide a healthier and brighter appearance, and you can buy it at CALM slow beauty.

Can it damage my eyelashes?

We work with the quintessential firm in terms of eyelash care, which uses a form with amino acids and peptides that stimulates keratin production. In addition, it does not contain formaldehyde, so you can rest easy: its formula has been tested to avoid any damage.

How do I take care of myself before and after the facelift?

Before the treatment you must avoid applying your mask during the 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you use any type of vaseline or oil, stop using it a week before the treatment to get your lashes curl as desired.

After treatment, remind to keep your lashes away from water for at least the next 24 hours to ensure their curl. You should not rub them or apply eye contour cream, mask or perform frequent saunas or steam baths for 48 hours. We also recommend that you do not use any type of oil or vaseline after the lifting. After these 48 hours, you can return to your usual beauty and care routines. To make you feel secure on what to do, we will give you a document with basic recommendations for the care of your eyelashes.

Can you use a mask after the lifting?

Of course. You can use mascara without problem, although here is a tip: for the result of the lifting to last, we recommend using an oil-free, water-based mascara and eye make-up remover.

Price: €60
Time: 60-70min

If you have unruly, flat or downward hair, BROWN LAMINATION is the perfect treatment to change the direction of growth for a uniform look, with a higher arch and beautiful brows. The result of the lamination lasts between four and six weeks, but with proper care it can last up to eight.

This service can be combined with eyebrow tinting, in fact, we recommend it if you want to have more defined and visibly fuller eyebrows.

Price: €55
Time: 45-50min

To enhance the look, well-defined and proportioned brows and voluminous, curved lashes are essential. If, additionally, we revive their color, they will look thicker and darker. Do you have gray hair? The dyes we use have been created specifically for facial use, so they cover hair 100%.

Who can dye their eyebrows and eyelashes?

This treatment is contraindicated for those with allergies because they contain chemicals, but they are 100% vegan.

How long does the result last?

Between 3 and 4 weeks, but it depends basically on the type of cleanser you use to remove make-up. If you have any questions, ask us in the cabin and we will be happy to advise you.


Keep in mind that with this treatment we cannot lighten the color of your eyebrows and eyelashes, but darken it or highlight the natural color since the tint is applied between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on your natural tone and the intensity of color that you want.