Body treatments

What is Bioslimming?

Bioslimming is a manual treatment that reduces, firms, and reshapes the body from the first session. It consists of a wrap based on algae, natural extracts, caffeine, and thermo-active agents, all 100% natural. Bioslimming is more than just a slimming wrap, as it has therapeutic benefits that contribute to weight loss.

What are its benefits?

Detox effect: It drains and activates circulation. Anti-cellulite effect: It reduces cellulite and activates fat burning. Slimming effect: It activates metabolism to achieve a flat stomach. Firming effect: It tones and firms the entire body.

And all of this in just one session!

Endorsed by clinical studies and several international awards.

How does it work?

After each session, its active agents continue to burn fat for the 12 hours following the treatment, as well as providing slimming, toning, and firming effects. It is recommended not to engage in physical activities during that time to further enhance its effects.

How many sessions are necessary?

A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended, which should be done within a maximum of 4 weeks.

Package of 6 sessions: 599€ (includes product for home use)

Duration: 75 minutes.


The origin of wood therapy was found in oriental medicine, where it has been used to relieve pain and muscles, as well as to work energies with the help of the wood. Over time, this technique was perfected in Colombia for its aesthetic use and with the new design of anatomical woods.

Through movements and gentle and medium pressure on certain points with wooden instruments, we achieve firming and toning effects, as well as activating blood and lymphatic circulation, which improves the appearance of the skin. Madero therapy also tones and firms, improves the production of elastin and collagen, and helps to eliminate liquids and orange peel skin.

Who is it suitable for?

It is perfect for people with blood circulatory problems, fluid retention, accumulated fat… who want to lose weight and shape their body, but it is also pleasant and relaxing, so it helps people with tired legs and muscle ailments to stressless.

How does it work?

It is a massage in three stages: we start with a lymphatic massage to prepare the skin and move body fat. Afterwards, we massage with essential oils with reducing properties and, finally, we do a third massage with wooden utensils.

We tell you something more about wood therapy:

Wood therapy is a 100% natural massage based on essential oils, wooden utensils and the hands of an expert in this technique, but: what are these instruments like?

Each one has its shape and function: the diamond-tipped roller is ideal for reducing volume and firming the skin; the mushroom is used in areas with cellulite and the cube roller on deeper fatty areas. The Swedish cup is a must for a deep draw and the shaping paddle firms the contours.

The results will depend on the area we want to improve and it is suggestable to focus on a specific area to see them quickly and efficiently. Of course, keep in mind that this technique must be applied constantly and, of course, you must combine it with a routine of physical exercise and a balanced diet.

Price: €60
Time: 50min

By Comfort Zone

Did you know that the back is the area where the most volume of impurities accumulates? Although we used to pay just few attention to it, the back is the area of ​​the body with the most sebaceous glands, so exfoliation and the extraction of impurities is as necessary as facial hygiene. However, this treatment does not only consist of exfoliating: afterwards we apply a spirulina mask to eliminate toxins from the skin and, to finish, we hydrate the entire back with a gentle massage.

Price: €65
Time: 45min

This body treatment with origin of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a therapeutic technique that applies pressure and unidirectional flow on the tissues using gua sha tools. It is intense and deep, yet pleasant, dynamic and relaxing. The main objective of this treatment is to maintain balance in metabolic processes, achieving excellent results with revitalizing, balancing, detoxifying, draining, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effects.

What are the benefits?

– Helps sculpt the body.

-Revitalizes critical areas such as the abdomen and legs, starting from the feet and moving up the body with draining and oxygenating strokes.

-Activates and strengthens the lymphatic system, leading to reduced fluid retention.

– Improves cellulite appearance.

-Stimulates collagen and elastin production.

This treatment begins with an enzymatic peel, accompanied by Thermal Mud, a mud with thermal water that enhances detoxification and lipolytic action. Combined with the gua sha tools from the Italian brand Comfort Zone, you will achieve toned, healthy, compact, and reshaped tissues. We work on the skin, muscles, blood circulation, and lymphatic system, promoting overall well-being.

It is recommended to undergo this treatment once a week and at any time of the year.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, and individuals with thyroid problems.

Package 4+1: 300€

Price: €75
Time: 45min

Skin renewal treatment enriched by the combination of the properties of ‘rhyolite’ (volcanic rock rich in silica), through which an extraordinary renewal, silkiness and deep nutrition is achieved on the skin.
You will feel a relaxation and well-being in all senses thanks to soft notes of lemon, juniper, sage and geranium that invigorate reminding us of the lively aromas of the Mediterranean.

Price: €65
Time: 50min

Re-mineralizing, remodeling and toning, BODY ACTIVE is an intensive treatment that improves muscle tone by restoring vitamins and mineral salts thanks to the innovative body mask with Brazilian yellow clay and plankton extract. On top of, we reinforce the treatment with the “tuina” massage, which we do with the help of a wooden roller that sculpts the figure and promotes lipolytic action.

If you enjoy playing sports (swimming, walking, yoga…), it is perfect for you, as it reactivates blood circulation and facilitates the remodeling of the body and the elimination of toxins. It is also ideal to include it in an anti-cellulite program because it speed-up the results.

Important: This service is suitable for men and women, but not for pregnant women.

Price: €65
Time: 50min

The ‘Double Peel Body’ treatment facilitates deep regeneration that results in perfectly compact, smooth and soft skin, thanks to the action of the exclusive double-action BODY STRATEGIST PEEL SCRUB peeling and a nourishing anti-aging mask. Ideal for the appearance of stretch marks, dryness and dehydration. Indicated to revitalize tissues, provide elasticity and promote skin cell regeneration.

Price: €70
Time: 50min

By Röss's

This anti-cellulite and remodeling treatment is applied using controlled and regulated compression massages on any area of ​​the body. The technology we use performs movements inspired by the technique of the hands of chiromassage but enhances its effects thanks to highly penetrating rotation that works at three levels: dermal (activates circulation and cellular nutrition), muscular (provides volume). and vascular (strengthens capillaries and activates lymphatic drainage).

  • How does it benefit you? Improves circulation and firmness of the skin, reduces localized volume, relieves contractures and muscle pain, mitigates the feeling of heaviness and, of course, offers a great feeling of relaxation.
  • Why should you try Rollaction? Because it works at high speed with a constant intensity, it does not hurt and gives a very pleasant sensation. Additionally, its effects are fast, effective and most importantly, long-lasting.
  • One more piece of information: although when talking about cellulite we often think of the thighs, hips and buttocks, the localized volume can appear in other areas of the body, such as the belly or legs. The ROLLACTION treatment can be applied to any area of ​​the body.
  • If you need more guarantees, we can tell you that its results have been scientifically proven.

Price: Starting from €60

By Green Peel

Our GREEN PEEL®️ herbal peeling treatment can be used not only on the face, but also on the back. In this area, for example, pimples can also be treated and the skin will improve significantly. One of the parts where more impurities accumulate and the more, we used to forget. If you want to perform this peeling in other areas of the body, please ask us!

You can find all the information about GREEN PEEL®️ in our facial treatments section.

Price: €80
Time: 50min

By Mesolux

What is Mesolux? Non-invasive system for the transdermal introduction of active ingredients by electroporation combined with phototherapy.

Firming body treatment with a powerful tightening effect, repairing the dermal matrix, restoring and cell regenerating, a cocktail of ultra-concentrated natural active ingredients such as fucus (seaweed), ruscus extract, sea ivy and antioxidants that manage to combat body flaccidity and having an effective long-lasting treatment.

It is indicated for people who have flaccid skin, anywhere on the body, either due to weight reduction or the effect of gravity over the years.

Reductor treatment and advanced body modeling. We use a combination of natural active ingredients to achieve a reduction in accumulated and localized fat, draining and anti-edematous active ingredients that reduce cellulite and define the tissue, as well as dermal repair and antioxidant active ingredients. It provides a significant improvement in cellulite, muscle definition and a decrease in stretch marks.

Treatment, if accompanied by a good diet and physical exercise, can achieve excellent results.