Inspiring brands formulated with high doses of beauty, self-care, and sustainability

For us it is essential that both values, environmental commitment and, of course, our way of understanding beauty and well-being are aligned with the philosophy of each brand which we work with.

For this reason, in CALM slow beauty we carefully select the products that we use and sell to our clients. We tell you some curiosities about projects that we admire and trust to offer you healthy cosmetic routines that are respectful with you and the planet.

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is our perfect ally for the treatments that we offer with authentic and unique rituals for the skin, body and mind.

Its products are the result of the combination of natural ingredients and high-tech molecules, which guarantee skin care and an aromatic force that is a gift for the senses.

Its purpose? That beauty and sustainability always go hand in hand. For this reason, its conscious formulas are prepared in Italy with energy from renewable resources and do without silicones, SLES, parabens, mineral oils, preservatives and animal derivatives.

Dr. Schrammek

For more than 60 years, Dr. Christine Schrammek has unified dermatological solutions and nature-inspired cosmetics for beauty and healthy skin.

Likely you are familiar with this brand, as Schrammek Kosmetik pioneered the first BB cream and the Green Peel® herbal peel treatment, a HIT on CALM services portfolio.

Brush Works

This young British company always surprises us with funny and original designs of its accessories.

Also, we share their values ​​100%, since all their products are cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable and have PETA certification.

If you want to add a touch of color to your daily routine without sacrificing quality, this is your brand.


It is no coincidence that CND is the world leader in professional nails care. This pioneer in semi-permanent nail polishes, which provides impeccable color and shine for 14 days, brought about a paradigm shift in the nail industry thanks to its revolutionary products.

heir polishes do not contain harmful ingredients such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, or xylene, among others. In this way, the brand guarantees the protection, respect and care that nails deserve.

Oh! In addition, all its nail polishes are vegan since they do not contain derived or animal-derived ingredients and have not been tested on animals also.

Colour, innovation and environmental commitment are the words that define this Italian brand of high-end polishes. The GEL EFFECT collection, free of harmful substances and 7 free toxics, has a high content of pigments that make colors super radiant of intensity. Also, the look of its packaging was love at first sight.

The professional collection of semi-permanent nail polishes, free of lead and petroleum derivatives, offers a brilliant finish and intense, long-lasting color for having longer perfect nails.

All FEDUA products are free of resins, camphor, formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl because nails should not only look beautiful, but they should also be healthy.


We 100% adhere to the concept of beauty that HANDMADE Beauty professes: honest ingredients, ecological awareness and respect with nature. We love its wide range of colors, but we like even more that its products embellish and care for nails at the same time: its clean beauty and vegan nail polishes are non-toxic and prioritize natural and organic ingredients.

Important: HANDMADE Beauty nail polishes are suitable for celiacs, pregnant women and girls.

Vegan, cruelty-free and 13 toxics-free, MASGLO nail polishes not only beauty our nails, but they also take care and ensure their health. Its finish is perfect, durable and respectful and, in addition, it can be easily removed without acetone.

In CALM we like all its lines and almost infinite range color, some more classic and others daring and imaginative, but above all we are excited that, despite being a firm with more than 30 years of experience, it has never abandoned its commitment with social and environmental issues.


SO ECO designs and manufactures ecological, high-quality and planet-friendly bathrooms and makeup accessories.

In CALM you will find their ecological bowls, wooden pedicure paddles, bamboo files and exfoliation gloves with the cruelty free seal. In addition (and we love this), thanks to the Tree-Notion project, they plant a tree for every 100 brushes sold. And they already have 80,000!

GEORGANICS is the union of the words good, earth, and organics, a statement of intentions from a brand that has revolutionized the paradigm of oral care.

At CALM you will find their brushing and rinsing products made with 100% natural ingredients and wrapped in biodegradable and compostable packaging.

The ecological and toxin-free ambient fragrances from AROMALABORATORY are synonymous with well-being. Using chemotyped essential oils from certified organic farming, they neutralize bad odors, regulate the temperature, and improve air quality.

These exclusive fragrances (that leave no one indifferent) are suitable for vegans and respectful of people who are sensitive to artificial chemicals and allergic to dust mites and pollen.

POTIONS is a vegan company located in Barcelona that we like everything they do, therefore in CALM you will find many of their products.

We love working with their rose quartz roller and gua-sha. Why? because it improves blood circulation, skin tone and elasticity; stimulates the creation of collagen, promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces the appearance of dark circles, among many other benefits.

After an eyebrow and eyelash treatment, we always recommend the UKLASH vegan serum: its combination of vitamins, extracts and natural peptides is ideal to enhance the benefits of our treatment.

Of course, Its formulation is free of harmful chemicals, perfume, parabens, has not been tested on animals and is vegan.

For a more sustainable cosmetic bag, a solid deodorant is a must to have. In CALM we are fans of CLEMENCE & VIVIEN proposals. Made with natural ingredients and without aluminum salts.

Oh! In case you have doubts: its touch is super silky and you will be surprised how easy and practical is to apply it in your day to day.